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O.K. folks, here goes. What, to you, are the very best research sources you have found, either in general or in subjects of your specific interest. Anything as specific as mathematics journals to the most general, such as common web search engines will do.. Thanks for your contribution.

-- Colin Gallagher (, January 15, 1998


An aside: As people add more and more suggestions, this thing will be automatically categorizing them, and eventually there will be a categorizing option for the user. I hope this helps. Sincerely, C.

-- Colin Gallagher (, January 15, 1998.

Just for general sources, I've personally found the Altavista search engine to be the best. It even has a translator, so that you can convert several paragraphs at a time to your native language if you so desire.

-- Colin Gallagher (, January 24, 1998.

The Altavista search engine will also translate the whole web page when the complete URL (from the the....html)is typed into the text box. In addition, if the link is embedded into your page and the additional symbols are included, everything becomes preset at the search engine; the link should be in the viewers language. Hopefully the broken anchor caused by the fixed text box size will still allow thisDeutscheversion work.

-- (, March 27, 1998.

It failed to work. The task bar or locator box demonstates the coded details. Apologies for the unprofessional submission. However, their wasn't a method for verification.

-- (, March 27, 1998.

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