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Just bought my first LF lens, a Fujinon-W S 150/6.3, mounted on a Seiko shutter. My only reason for buying it is that it was available. Does anybody have any experience with this lens, good or bad? What is the image circle? Thanks.

-- Andy Yeo (ayeoz@pacific.net.sg), January 15, 1998


hello, I think I have the same lens. I love mine. It too is in a Sekio shutter and that has not been a problem. I just tested the shutter and it is a little slow but all the other lenses and shutters are too. I use the 150mm Fuji as my main lens on the Deardorff 5x7 for that wide angle look I like. It covers very well and seems to be sharp.

-- Lee Carmichael (click@flash.net), January 25, 1998.

150, f6.3 Seiko sync shutter with blade arestor (press focus), to f64, 67degrees angle of view, tessar design. No longer made by Fuji. Unusual in that it has a wide angle of view for a tessar design and is very small.

-- Patrick Raymore (PATRICK.F.RAYMORE@KP.ORG), February 09, 1998.

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