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The 4th Annual Urban Iditarod

The Urban Iditarod is modeled after the famous Alaskan dog sled race, the Iditarod, where sled dogs pull sleigh and musher through miles of snowy wilderness and fight for survival. In the Urban version, teams of barking humans dressed in dog costumes pull a shopping cart and a musher through miles of tourist-infested San Francisco streets. To maintain their energy, the dogs are "watered" every half mile at local drinking establishments. Over 100 "dogs" invaded SF streets last year. Don?t miss it!

When: Saturday, March 7, 11am
Visit for more details or contact tundra tommy at or (512) 476-6442 to register your team of 5 "dogs."

-- Tundra Tommy (, January 13, 1998


This is not the correct date. Please delete if it is an old message. This year Saturday is March 8th 2003.... please correct the date. Regards, Daniela

-- Daniela O'Leary (, March 11, 2003.

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