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O.K., in my browsing around the net, I've come across (in a mapping program) SF referred to (exclusively in this program) as "San Francisco De Las Llagas". Is this the "official" name of the city? Is it an old original long unused? What does "de las llagas" mean? Thoughts, comments? :)


-Damien Guay

-- Damien Guay (, January 12, 1998


I've been researching and interpreting San Francisco history for 25 years and have never come across the name "San Francisco De Las Llagas."

The proper name for the City is "San Francisco de Assis" for St. Francis of Assisi. It was formally adopted in 1847 from the Spanish name for the bay: "La Bahia De San Francisco de Assis". Before 1847 the little pueblo went by the name of "Yerba Buena" or "Good Herb."

-- anon (, January 16, 1998.

San Francisco De Las Llagas is the name of a Spanish Land Grant in Morgan Hill, Santa Clara County.

-- Susan Morley (, March 28, 2001.

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