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I have keyed into the Nikon web pages and get absolutely NO information on their large format lenses. I e-mailed them and weeks later get a response to "call the company for a brochure as there are no plans to put this stuff on the web". The first two people I spoke with were not even aware Nikon make large format lenses and the third wasn't too optimistic on their continued availability(at least here in the USA). Anyone know if Nikon will be discontinuing them here?

-- Dan Smith (, January 10, 1998


I haven't heard of any plans to discontinue them in the U.S. and it would certainly be a bonehead move if they did. Try and order one through an authorized dealer though and they are likely to tell you that they have no idea when it will be received. In my recent experience this applies not only to LF lenses but most Nikon equipment.

-- Mark Windom (, January 11, 1998.


I recently purchased a discontinued Nikkor 105 -M lens. I found the Nikon site along with their 800 number. Upon calling and telling them which lens I purchased they were able to provide a photocopy of the relevant pages which I received in a couple days. I like my Nikkor lenses and hope they continue.

-- Ray Fenio (, November 10, 1998.

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