6x17 lens fall off

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How do I rectify lens fall off for a 6x17 90mm wide angle lens? Do I use a centigrade filter?


Peter woodelf@ozemail.com.au

-- Peter Regester (woodelf@ozemail.com.au), January 10, 1998


Pete, I shoot a lot of 6x17, and have switched from a 90mm to a 135mm lens for the very reason that you are asking about. You can use a center graduated filter with a 90mm, this will help a lot, but it won't eliminate the problem. You are asking the 90mm lens to cover about 2 inches more than it was designed to optimally cover, movements not withstanding. The sweep of the sky in a landscape image can easily shift one to three stops depending on the postion of the sun relative to your composition. I also opted for the 135mm lens, because I found that the cost of the filter was more than the cost of a decent used lens. If you go the filter route, be prepared to pay about $500.00 for a new filter, or $250.00 for a used one. Make sure that you get the filter matched for your 90mm lens; different manufacturer's lens's have different fall off paterns!

Good Luck,

Britt Leckman George Mason University

-- Britt Leckman (bleckman@gmu.edu), January 12, 1998.

I have very successfully used the Heliopan ND .45 filter with my 90mm Caltar II f/4.5 (which I believe to be really the equivalent Grandagon) for about two years now. I am shooting with the V-Pan mk.III so I am able to use front rise when necessary. Try Lens & Repro for the filter, much better price than Calumet.

-- ellis vener (evphoto@insync.net), March 22, 1998.

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