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i'm managing a transition for our organization that will encompass the change of management behavior and values in regard to allowing teams to be a success and being role models themselves.

largest challenge for natural work teams and employee involvement looks to be the axiomatic phrase that "teams is something you do to direct labor" and not neccesarly done to ourselves, as managers.

help needed in fighting the powerfully taught and comfortable paradigm of teams is a way to 'manage' and moving that toward a holistic, ubiquitis change in all of the organization.


-- jay l. omdahl (, January 08, 1998


Jay, The February conference sponsored by the Center for the Study of Work Teams has a track devoted to top management teams. It includes the keynote speaker, Jon Katzenbach, whose new book is on top mgmt. teams, and Marie McIntyre, whose new book on top mgmt. teams (TMT's) will be published by Jossey-Bass in a couple weeks. I've read Marie's book in manuscript form; it contains a very thorough llist of problems TMT's encounter and possible solutions to consider.

-- Mike Beyerlein (, January 17, 1998.


Lack of senior management example is one of the top reasons why intiatives fail including team working initiatives. If you have video conferencing then we could help you with MAP which is especially for top teams. The profiling and feedback and coaching and team workshopis done by interview hence the need for VC. See for more info.

If it will work for English directors it will work for anyone.

-- james Thornhill (, December 20, 1998.

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