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True Power is not controlling people or situations, it is not owning a business or material posessions. True Power is having a control over Oneself and an affirming belief in what is true and absolute.

There is no right or wrong, and there is no judgement. All WE really have is Our Faith, Love, and Understanding in the guidance which comes from within US.


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This message has reached you because you are subscribed to a mailing List on the Internet.

The next time you feel angry at someone on the Internet please pause and read the above statement. Think about the other list members, do they really wish to read your words of anger? If you are angry that is okay. We all get angry at times. Anger is not a reason to verbally attack another human being physically, emotionally or verbslly.

Stop and think before you respond in a hateful manner. Realize why you are angry and attempt to communicate your feelings without hurting someone or calling them names. We all fight battles everyday which are not necessary.

These words may also be put to use in your personal life, with your family, Loved Ones, Children, and friends. War and Flames are not cool.

WE have before us the ultimate means of communication and the chance to create some positive networking alliances and projects. Use your Hearts as well as your minds people!

Look at yourself before you look at others.


No copyright. Please feel free to forward to others. Please feel free to print out or post anywhere. Please feel free to give someone a hug or express your Love. Please feel free to Love yourself.


-- brad (booyaa@minn.net), January 05, 1998

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