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I have lived in the Noe Valley area of San Francisco for 4 years now and have always wondered who Noe Valley was named after and why...

Any response is appreciated.



-- Brad Hopper (, January 05, 1998


Noe Valley is named after Jose de Jesus Noe, San Francisco's last Mexican mayor. He liked the little valley so much he built his ranch there. These days, Noe Valley is roughly bordered to the north by 22nd Street on the north, to the east by Dolores Street, Glen Park on the south, and Glen Canyon Park and Market on the west.

Hope this is helpful.

-The anonymous historian

-- anon (, January 27, 1998.

Local historian and California Historical Society member Mae Silver wrote a nice history of Noe Valley several years ago. Contact her or Charles Fracchia at the Society for a copy.

-- Chris Dichtel (, February 01, 1999.

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