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Here's a discussion thread for giving us feedback about "The Drake Legacy"

-- Steve Strassmann (steve@method.com), January 03, 1998


It's a good game, solid for what it does. I couldn't get an untrapped behavioral error, though once got a display artifact in reviewing messages on my communicator.

I like it but fear that without multiplayer interaction, it's very short and the puzzles are very simple and sparse.

I think the theme's solid and the work done so far is solid, but I hope that it's intended to be a preview of planned work that will be more extensive, not a product that's near-release.


-- Malcolm Gin (perigee@acm.org), April 20, 1998.

Game's Ok, but simple alone--but there's too much fighting now that others have joined. It's like an arcade fight game.

Not enough interaction or spy games. that has to do with players as much as technology.

It's getting a bit boring.

And the time lag for waiting for a helicopter, or other players to respond if they aren't paying lots of attention.

-- J Burch (jfb@media.mit.edu), April 29, 1998.

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