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: I would like to know if the latest ArcaSwiss cameras have any compatabilities with my Basic B 4 x 5 (I've had this for 20 years), such as bag bellows, lensboards, standard frames and monorail sections. The Discover 4 x 5 looks almost like a reincarnation of the old Basic series.

-- Ted Brownlee (, January 03, 1998


You have probably gotten the answers you want by now but here goes: "Basic"ally, no. Except for the lens boards. You might however be able to interchange the standard frames onto to the current function carriers, but i am not sure why you would want to do this. Unfortunately the bellows are not interchangable between the current "F" and "M" line cameras and the older series as the locking mechanisms on the standard frames and on the bellows frames have changed. The Basic still seems like an excellent field camera. If you are looking for spare parts or a second body, maybe even a 6x9cm body, E-Mail me nad I can point you to a good source. Ellis Vener

-- Ellis Vener (, May 21, 1998.

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