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I have seen pictures of new imperial guard figures in 19 century British uniforms pithhelmets and all could these possible be the Palace guards of terra or an elite unit for some battle report to come up in a White Dwarf at a later time. Also could someone email me a bulleton board for a news group. Thnx Col. Hayes WTFD 0933

-- Joshua A Hayes (, January 02, 1998


no sill they arent what ever you called them they are pretorian sixth guard and their limited edition ,please,pleas,please can some one answer my cry go to unanswered questions and look at my one there men or mice or there must be someone ou there, or alternatively write to the above email adress please

-- james langley (, January 11, 1998.

they are pretorions dickhead

-- calidus (, June 08, 1998.

They are part of the new Praetorian XXIV regiment, which was developed at Golden Demon. They were part of a massive display called Battle at Big Toof River. Spectators liked them so much they came out with a boxed release of the regiment.

-- Catalyst (, July 07, 1998.

Hah, I love Patorians! The 1st Draconian Div. has a lovely company of them attatched. yes, a company, three platoons of the buggers. They look stompin' all lined up for parade. does anyone want to sell their pratorians, I need another command squad to make a full company. I will pay no more than an arm, not a leg.

-- Lt. Col. Williams (, March 04, 1999.

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