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ANNOUNCING (fanfare) the Birmingham Cacophony Society ! yes, you read it right, Birmingham,AL - its Santa John V from SF, sowing discontent w/the status quo across the southern US while on the way to see my granny. unfortunately, I didn't get the key info in time to bring more Santas to the Antlanta Cruise, but the B'ham crowd (about 30 so far) wants in. In fact, we're having our first mtg Thurs nite, the 1st, right before i go back to New Orleans to help out there.SO... anybody with any advice, encouragements, disclaimers, requirements, abuse, info, can send it to me (but only till the 1st- after that I can be reached in N.O. at -the new CS contact there)or,better yet send it to , ,or this is my 3rd attempt to email home base- thanx in advance. next stop, New Orleans! Johnny Cacaseed

-- Johnny Cacophonyseed (, December 31, 1997



-- (, July 29, 2001.

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