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President Gerth's deforestation plan was initiated Monday, December 29, with the destruction of 16 mature trees on the front part of campus: 5 trees at the north west end of lot 1, 3 across from the receiving yard, and 8 at the junction of Jordan Way and Judah Way.

I observed white dots on 57 trees from the Guy West bridge and along the levee bike path to College Town drive. I expect these trees will soon be destroyed too.

The sites where three temporary buildings will be moved is being worked on.

Has anyone seen other activities?

Has there been any official notice of this?

-- Bob Metcalf (, December 30, 1997


I noticed a tree marked with a yellow ribbon, this am, however, this is between the library and the student union. The Forest Service uses ribbons for marking areas to be treated in various manners. Will this tree also be removed as part of the remodeling of the union? It seems, that on this campus, we are taking steps back in time, politically, in regard to environmental issues, and non-discrimination issues due, largely, to apathy or lack of adequate time in student's lives. I'm very frustrated with the impact of destruction/construction on parking availability. Students have inadequate equipment and materials for biology labs, yet all of this money is being funnelled into unecessary construction!

-- Anne Hendrickson (, March 30, 1998.

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