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There are four major reasons I oppose the perimeter road:

1. It is dishonest with the voters who approved prop. 203

2. It ignores the need for classroom construction at CSUS

3. It will create hazardous conditions

4. It will destroy much campus beauty

If you're also concerned about the road project, please add a message below.

-- Bob Metcalf (, December 30, 1997


When Donald Gerth arrived on campus as President in 1983, I asked one of his imported administrators what we might expect in looking forward to his regime. The answer was quick: "Everything will be changed, from Jay Street to the freeway." Unfortunately, Don Gerth has decided to leave as as hismost obvious legacy a perimeter road of questionable legality--a lasting monument to administrative arrogance and poor planning. As noted in your web page, the road will scarify the campus, and will for many years serve as a reminder of what happens when wilfull administrators violate the public trust by refusing to consult with those who consume, use, and pay for their mistakes.

-- alan wade (, January 06, 1998.

Why not modify the existing road by the sports fields? It could be widened for, I think, much less than $7.5 M!

I also think my daughter's leaky elemtary school could make much better use of the money!

-- Michael Baker (, January 09, 1998.

Has the Sacramento Tree Foundation been contacted? It's incredible to think of such a massive destruction of healthy trees for a vanity (a presidential "legacy") project. If any of these are on the levee this wouldn't it be doubly damning since it could undermine the levee's strength ?

-- Marjorie Koldinger (, February 12, 1998.

Personally, I think President's Gerth's special interests are ludicrous, for what is at stake here is our campus' rival beauty to all other campuses. Obviously, Gerth and his approvers have over-stepped their boundaries with what power the students and faculty have entrusted in him. And for this, something must be done to stop him and his entourage of tree choppers. Ultimately, the damage has already been inflicted upon the nature of this campus, but I do believe there's still a chance to intervene on the "road" plan.

-- Isaiah W. Williams (, February 17, 1998.

I am against the building of this road. I am a senior working toward a Bachelors in Biological Science here at CSUS. I would prefer to see the time, effort and money spent in upgrading the educational facilities of this campus. As it was written by law. I support those who come before and after me. Those choose to oppose the "New Road" eye sore.

-- Jane Kernohan (, February 18, 1998.

First of all, I do not support this new road project. I am a senior here at CSUS and I have not heard anything about a proposal for this new road. Why were we, as students, not consulted about such an important desicion? We should have been, I do not see Mr. Gerth walking around on campus. It is the students that spend most of the time walking here. Next, my theory is that Mr. Gerth is trying to improve the appearance of our campus in order to attract more students here. This will not work, students are doing their homework. We will not come to a University just because it looks good. We want a productive learning environment with good facilities and equipment. Roads do not provide us with this. The only thing that is going to happen is that there is going to be a lot more people learning at OUR university with outdated buildings and equipment. Before Mr. Gerth expands the population count of our campus(for more funds of course), he should improve the facilities and equipment for the students who are already here. It is simple mathematics, more people, less facilities equals compounded traffic, congestion and most importantly a less productive learning environment for students. Also, with the increased student population, registration through CASPER will not be any easier either. Some of the buildings on this campus are from the early 1950's era. We are approaching a new millenium, let us fix the existing problems before we make new ones. Thank-You

-- Thomas Anderson (, February 27, 1998.

Thank goodness for such an informative page!!! I can't believe some of the stupid and unnecessary modifications that are occuring on my former campus. Clearly, prop 203 has been misinterpreted by the CSUS administration. What in the hell is a new road needed for anyway?? I remember having no problem making my way to class via the old route. Therefore, why fix something that is not broke?? I wonder if the administration has strolled through the English and History departments lately?? Couldn't that money be better used for the purpose of classroom enhancements (as the prop. states) such as Audio/Visual resources and remodeling in the former areas?? I really think that anything would be better than a stupid old road!! Isn't it a little embarrassing for us to admit that Sac State's administration has voted to fund a road whereas other CSUs have used their money to build new structures and initiate remodeling efforts?? As an alumni, I am truly embarrassed by the foolish decisions of my former administration. Supposedly, these people are doing what is best for the campus however this really does not seem to be the case.

-- Gabe Pettersen (, March 18, 1998.

Ever hear of a story called The Hitchhikers Guide To The Universe? This is a perfect exapmle of how foolish and untrustworthy the politicians are that govern our state. The whole situation brings to mind the first scene in the aforementioned story in which the first you hear about it is when the bulldozer arrives at your front door! I was perplexed and shocked when I came to school to find a bulldozer plowing up the parking lot where I used to park. What is going on! The rage soon began to rise and I had to leave my class missing that days instruction. Time is the one thing you cant get back, and to waste it fighting against devious politicians is not my idea of well spent time. I am trying to better myself and not take 20 years to do it! This project is foolhardy and wateful. I wouldnt be surprised that the construction company that is building the road is part of Wilsons private holdings.. Its quite obvious and blatent that pocket stuffing is at work here. I thought we got rid of the Political Bosses a long time ago? If our society can be run by such people then there is little hope for freedom in our future...

-- David Vollstedt (DAVOLL@AOL.COM), April 25, 1998.

Mr. Bob Metcalf: I believe what you have done to inform the campus population on the road building efforts by President Donald Gerth deserves recognition. I thank you for stepping forward to vent your thoughts and analysis on this very disruptive and unessessary boon-doggle of a project.

I believe if Donald Gerth truely believed in the betterment of education for the CSUS campus, then he would haved channelled the appropriated monies into maintaining a cleaner library environment, enhanced/updated the biology building, worked harder to have stronger programs for students wishing to attain jobs relating to their major while still working towards their degrees.

CSUS is just like any other entity that is allowed to grow too large. Once too large it alomost becomes impossible to serve the people who desire the services of the institution. It is truely unfortnate that Donald Gerth would rather degrade the asthetics of the CSUS campus and contribute to unessessary projects instead of investing in the educational system at CSUS in which we as Sacramentans have come to appreciate.

-- Edward James Hard (, July 03, 1998.

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