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Now that we've been up and running for a week or so, how does everyone like the arrangement? Another alternative would be to claim "squatter's rights" on a USENET discussion group that I've found, which that a Y2000-oriented title, but is apparently dormant at the moment. That would allow people to access it with standard newsreader tools (including Netscape, Explorer, etc.) -- but would have a different look and feel than this arrangement.

Opinions? Advice?

-- Ed Yourdon (, December 29, 1997



Kudos for your good works so far. I actually prefer this format to the standard USENET style, although I check those also. They tend to collect a lot of noise & clutter. I just found this forum and I believe as you pull in more people to the discussion things will heat up considerably.

Off topic here, but,

My .o2 on economic effects: I believe those will begin to impact mid 1998 rather than 1999. When will the Big 10? public accounting firms assume their responsiblities to warn investors? When will the rating agencies (Moodys, S&P, etc.) start downgrading debt based on Y2K contingencies?

Although the business press is starting to recognize the seriousness of the problem in their articles, where are the "watchdogs" of the system? Even the SEC is now writing policy re: Y2K.

When will top management and Boards become aware they will not be ready to test as of 12/98? What will they do when that awareness hits around October 1998?

Questions to keep one awake at night.

Best Regards,

- Jeff

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-- Jeff Burdyl (, December 29, 1997.

Ed, stick with this arrangement. I agree too much noise and flames would creep in via Usenet, plus the spammers have their robots grabbing people's email addresses in Usenet.

I also like the new messages arrangement and ability to be informed via email.

How did you find out about this arrangement? Thanks!

-- Roleigh Martin (

-- Roleigh Martin (, January 03, 1998.

I like this format better than other discussion groups I look at. This is much easier to read. Thanks for putting this up. I read your book when it was on the internet, now I will have to get the finished copy. Keep up the good work! ! !

-- Rebecca Kutcher (, January 03, 1998.

Howdy Ed, Many thanks for the place you have built here. Looks good so far. Takes a bit of getting used to, but I have bookmarked it and will visit every day or so. Regards,

-- art welling (, January 04, 1998.

I am fine with this format. The one thing I would like is to have the date of the most recent post to a forum in the list of forums, so I can tell if I need to go back to that forum or not, based on when I last visited.

-- David Lee Anderson (, January 05, 1998.

This is entirely preferable. As was pointed out by others, USENET postings tend to generate a lot of 'noise", and when posting myself to newgroups I found I was the unwilling recipient of spam as a result. Plus I like coming to your site regularly to see what else you have cooking, and this gets me there.

I think as the word gets out this will get pretty busy.

-- Ron Kuhnel (, January 05, 1998.

This is the best format. The top level allows a scan of topics, the "thread" being on one page allows for saving to a text file, editting, and sharing useful information with those not connected to the net.

-- Timothy Barney (, January 05, 1998.

i like it alot.

-- lurker (, June 12, 1999.

That's got to set the record for longest time between a question and the latest answer.....

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, June 12, 1999.

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