electronic update for Hexar cameras

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To all Hexar ("old", black models) users: have your cameras updated with the latest software, which turns your Hexar into a real little Rolls-Royce. Especially 2 modifications I like really: auto-bracketing, in every Mode, in 1/3 stops; by being able to dial any guide number for a flash unit you can, for instance (as I do) use the bigger and more powerful flash unit X-24 (with Guide Number 23) which also gives you fully automatic/manual operation (works great!). In Manual (Spotmeter) mode you only choose the aperture you like, apply small presure on the release, meter the light and by pressing either up or down buttons the camera automatically sets the appropriate shutter speed (ir works as Aperture Priority automatic exposure but with Spotmetering instead of Centerweighted). If only the Hexar had a better viewfinder information (shutterspeed, aperture) and Contax-like interchangable lenses it would easily be IMHO the Best 135 mm Camera In the Universe (of any catagory). Happy shooting. Andrzej Poniatowski, audiomix@algonet.se

-- Anonymous, December 14, 1997


RE: electronic update for Hexar cameras


Where did you have to send your camera? How much and how long?

Thanks Bill Schaffel

-- Anonymous, March 05, 1998

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