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The Former Chicago Bears coach is back on the sidelines in the AFL after only a month leave. But he isnt back on the Bears Sidelines! He is the new head coach and GM of the Tampa Bay Bucaneers. He is sad to leave the Bears but he feels that the new owner of the Bears will fill the spot nicely. He seems to have a deep pasion for the Bears organazation but that may be because i built a damn good team there. But now i am in Tampa Bay where i plan on staying for a while. I will make many new trades and different decisions than what the Buccs are used to. I will use my own offense and defense and i will get rid of all the slackers on the team. So get ready to watch as I build another dynasty in Tampa like I did in Chicago. Before long i will have built a dynasy in every NFC Central Division Team Except Detroit and Green Bay for they are my two least favorite teams in the whole league besides Dallas. Not just in this league but in the entire NFL. So i will build a Super Bowl contending team this year and should win it next year.

Coach Wilke AFL Buccs~

-- Eddie Wilke (, December 12, 1997

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