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My teenage son is getting into photography. As a requirement for a HS class, he's gotta have an all-manual 35mm SLR. Guess what Santa's going to bring? I've found an FC-1 at a local repair shop which seems to be in good shape. Price: $180.00 (with 50mm lens, no flash). Any feedback? I'm concerned at the need to get all future accessories, etc. in the "previously owned" market. Also wondering about total cost of ownership - any significant problems with functionality, repair, etc. Just finding this website was an interesting experience - not too many search engine hits on "Konica" - unless your into copiers.

Thanks for your input.

-- Anonymous, December 11, 1997


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Hi, Check David Schonbrun4s message on Konica User4s Page. I think that FT-1 model is the ultimate and best Konica camera (I own 2 with several Hexanon lenses and the outfit beats the hell out of my Nikon F3 with some of the better Nikkor lenses). Happy hunting, Andrzej Poniatowski

-- Anonymous, December 11, 1997

I was given an FC-1 with 40mm f1.8 in 1982 as a graduation present. I have it now, beside me, with a 21mm which I bought second hand, and it is still in fine working order. Its not the most exciting camera in the world, and I have to saz that I prefer the feel of the T3 my father passed onto me (he is too short sighted to use manual focus any more), but your son wont be disappointed -- especially by the prices of second hand Konica Hexanon lenses -- I just bought a 28mm for 16 UK pounds (I also have a Leica 28mm Elmarit for over 1000 UK pounds, which is slighly better, but not 600 times better!) Good luck.

-- Anonymous, December 29, 1997

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