I like Ken's prediction the best!

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Hey Folks, I hope Ken is right and The Buffalo Bills will win the division. What was their record last year? I hope that I don't muck up a good thing. I have a tendancy of doing things like that because I love to trade! Which reminds me; Kordell Stewart is on the Block for anyone who wants to make an offer. I will be happy to do any kind of package deal, but I would really like to get a good WR.( maybe a good RB) Everyone take a look at my line-up, I am open to all trade talks, with or without Kordell involved!

-- James aka Shooter (packers@escape.ca), December 11, 1997



The Bills were pretty good last season, but they had a rude awakening when my former Bengals whacked them in the playoffs, 41-27. They should be a better team this year, and should be able to take their division.

-- Butch McReynolds (mymreyno@mastnet.net), December 11, 1997.

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