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Does anyone have any info be it rumour, truth or speculation about the necrontyr? If you don't know where that name came from, they were the feature of the short story on the back of the December issue of White Dwarf. Anyway heres the present body of supposed knowledge. Derived from the warhammer undead (pyramids, crypts and "Necro" should give that away) they are either dead or semi-dead things such as plauge zombies (which is unlikely) or the army is made mostly of robots of varying sizes, adapted from the various robots from previous 40k editions. If you do have any info could you either email me or post a message here. Thanks

-- Metin J Ozturk (, December 05, 1997


Try issue 217 of white dwarf........... there here!!!

-- W Christensen (, January 04, 1998.

They're the cheeziest looking miniatures that GW has come out with since the original plastic marine scout sergeant! I don't care how powerful they are; they look like crap. Also, if I were to want to use a scarab I would have wanted to swarm them on somthing, not this 2 for 5 crap!

-- Michael Krog (, January 25, 1998.

i agree there to tough and to crap

-- Ben Dover (ozturkhp@ozemail. com. au), June 07, 1998.

Necrons need to be developed - there will be a full codex when they re-release 40K (You knew it was going to happen after they redid fantasy). What they have out right now is just to attract the people who like terminators. Don't underestimate the Necrontyr; when they are out in force, there will be many players and they will be tough to beat. Because of the regeneration, a Necron player can practically fall ass backwards into victory.

-- Catalyst (, July 07, 1998.

I recon that the Necrons are the remains of the extinct Necrontyr race, that transfered their minds into mechanical bodies and went into stasis for several millenia! OK, there is absolutly no foundation for this theory butr it sounds pretty fucking good!

PS. A message to the Dark Angels: Naah! Naah! Can't catch me! Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah!

-- The ultra mysterious Cypher. (, August 31, 1998.

The concept is kinda cool but the models llok like shit and there is no background or anyhting.

-- (, September 05, 1998.

well necrons.......i agree with most...they are duff models aint they......some nice leading background..(i hear that they were due for release about 2 1/2 years ago under the name 'catan' but were ludicrusly powerfull and so got ditched.......)...well from what i hear there are new models planned (including a new lord) there will be an army list in white dwarf (as its not in the new 40,000 rulebook with the rest....) and the codex......well ihear not until april 2000............sorry .......

-- the grey knight (, September 11, 1998.

I agree that the Necron miniatures are pretty lame, but I built a really sharp looking Necron army using the skeletal robot figure from "Legions of Steel", and I replaced the Necron Lord (the Citadel version of which looks like a skeleton in a dunce cap) with a suitably painted Battletech "Atlas" modified and holding a staff. The bugs look okay though.

-- John Vogel (, February 24, 1999.


OK, the Necrons are the remains of an alien race that died out millenia ago. The survivors placed their minds into robotic bodies and locked themselves into their pyramids. They have recently appeared and launched raids, mostly against the Imperium. Little is known about them as they are more elusive than th Eldar. They also kidnap humans (possibly they are trying to ressurect themselves). They first appeared on Angelis (Gorkamorka) and saved the Diggas from the Orks (there is a drawing of a Necron head in one of the Gorka rulebooks). They are also getting more active...

-- Avatar (, May 01, 1999.

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