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bretheren and sistheren the door creaks just a bit wider and we are embraced in the lux et volupt-esque the third internet page for the army of the illogically good-humored has broken the seal-- it is done!!! Ogodei Khan

trim the main-sail! all hands on deck!

-- Ogodei Khan (, December 04, 1997


and again, I'm bored.

Time to bring that ship in to a pleasure-port, Sinbad! Everyone raise your hands if you think it's time certain 'Moors' had a roll in the hay with ANYBODY?!! Soda-pop, hoagies and blow-jobs for EVERYBODY!! Those are reasons for poetry! Stop apeing Thoth, you squids! Shaggy!

-- Shaggy al-Carcosa (, February 19, 1998.


The fellow called "Shaggy" seems to have forgotten that those who TALK the most about sex (even for the benefit of others) are probably not getting any themselves.

(This all-too-textual epiphenomenon we call the "internet" seems proof enough of that!)


Pissing off all the right people, happily transgressing the transgressors, I remain, with fond wishes, yours truly,

A. B. F.

-- A. B. F. (, March 12, 1998.

Fucking shame...

Got me there! I suppose my mention of hoagies and soda pop must say something about me as well. My point, which I had hoped not to have to implicitly state, was that the 'Moors' seem to dally entirely with ephemeral bullshit rather than rejoice in the world they actually live in. Sex and hoagies are some things I personally enjoy, Apparently these things still intimidate you, since you seem to be concealing your culturally conditioned 'shame' about sexual congress (and possibly about deli sandwiches too, but I need more info) by saying that I mention it only out of furtive hunger for it. Fuck yeah, I LOVE sex! Have bucket-loads of it anytime I can, anywhere I can. I will unashamedly scatter my seed in the name of my own satisfaction - why? 'Cause sex is more 'real' than just about anything there is (except perhaps death). I thought that I'd find some kindred spirits here amongst those claiming to live 'immediately'. Was I wrong? My beef with the poetics presented was that while imitation is flattery, it's also pretty submissive. That ganja-laced, pseudo-islamic prose has really been done to death by this crowd, not that it can't be done well, but don't you think it's time to LIVE poetically in that fashion? Rather than mimicking the intellectual excretions of Hakim Bey and others? Let's hear about what you DO, I don't give a shit about what you THINK.

I like to think of myself as an independant thinker. I don't feign eloquence I don't possess - and don't profess connections to things I'm detached from. I could go on about how consciousness itself is an epiphenomenon of matter and therefore all text 'is' is a re-concretization of biomass into technomass. I won't do this, because it would bore me terribly and I could be doing something more enjoyable and meaningful to me (cherry coke, cunnilingus). You seem to blame the structure of the internet for the content therein, instead of realizing that most shit out there is going to be either tedious, repetitive or irrelevant to you. People's expectations of the internet seem to ignore the masses who make it up. However, is it too presumptuous to expect that the professed anarchism of the 'Moors' should be represented by something a little more 'activist' than the passive regurgitation of the 'Masters'?

Pissing off the bridge, happily trespassing on your property, I remain, fondling your sisters, truly false,


-- Shaggy al-Carcosa (, March 16, 1998.

Fucking shame...

Que Cojones Shaggy!

what do you do?

-- Sy (, April 29, 1998.

i know...

well, we know that he doesn't leave his real email address. i had some discussion to bring to him, but his click is bunk. too bad. k

-- H.H. O M K (, May 01, 1998.

who am I? what do I do?

Dear All,

AH! To be asked to answer for my rashness! Do I deign to respond? To leave my lofty summit, revealing at last the Young Man in the Molehill that I truly am? An assassin of character, often my own! Pay no attention to the fraud behind the dodgy e-posts!

To answer: What do I DO?... I'm no genius of mischief, though I like to think of the little artifacts of time and space I leave behind as enchantments of a sort. Dream fragments, chaos bombs. To reveal the works of which I'm the most proud would be to diminish their efficacy and would probably launch an investigation by authorities best left guessing. I'll give you something else instead.

Since it's my experience that children are the best audience for the brands of 'art damage' that we 'chaotes' preach, some of my efforts are tuned specifically to their wavelength. My medium in this - Toys. I make/remake toys that are calculated (in my own infinite wisdom) to transmit a sense of subversion and unreality. Each is a unique, sometimes handcrafted item that is abandoned and forgotten - left behind to do their sorcery upon the young minds who come to play with them. Saint Nick would be proud, no doubt, of my trio of florescent green porcelain 'Martian Princesses' whose construction, costuming and painting took 10 weeks; or of my 'Epileptic Suckling Pig' made from a severely disabled 'Tickle Me Elmo' and a foam latex piglet from Japan. I can't imagine where they are now, but I'm sure they'll not soon be forgotten. How, IF, they were played with is beyond my comprehension.

Beyond my personal endeavors (such as giving this BB a well deserved greasing every so often), the local cabal here practices the potlatch ritual and seeks out weirdness for personal growth and ego gratification. It's been terribly empowering, I'm sure...

Now, to address the Address! There isn't anything you can say to me via private correspondance that can't be said HERE! If anyone's noticed, I've been trying to give this BB a shot in the ass to hopefully liven things up and get someone to do something other than mechanically quote other heretics or spiel redundant 'Eris/Fnord' jags. Is this the best we can expect from our cult? Jeez!

Who I am is not important, and why should it be? 'Shaggy al Carcosa' is just a blue-collar, working-class jackass infringing on territory staked out by a hip sweater-clad intelligencia when he was just a tot. His opinions are his own, bearing no manifest threat to anyone but the insecure inheritors of this philosophical trainwreck. Shaggy's not even sure the facade of heretical Islam is even that effective a device through which to avert cultural stagnation, not that some of you would care. Seems you're too busy building a subculture designed to sell Mr. Wilson's books to college students and conspiracy theorists. The bombs most Ontological Anarchists throw only seem to explode in the laps of yes-men and counter-cultural hipsters. Fizzling faintly when tossed into the strong dogmatism of church services or grocery stores, but easily countered with GOD and the LAW. Be a little more tactful, my friends, let your efforts be like well-timed surgical procedures against an enemy whose habits you know well.

Hope this gives you some satisfaction.

Shaggy. Who expects the worst, soon.

-- Shaggy al-Carcosa (, May 10, 1998.

you only reinforce it

ah, my boy, you only reinforce my wish that i could write to you personally. you speak my own words but don't realize they are from me to you, but think rather the other-way-around. the public forum is not always the best one for all communications, no matter what the we're-free-and-wild dogma preaches (and it _is_ truly a dogma in itself!). well then, feel free to write to me (perhaps we've known each other...hmmm...), or do not. what i would have to say would never suprise you; but it can be good to hear what you already know echoed from another person. salaam, mister.

-- H.H. O.M.K. (, May 12, 1998.



-- Jay Leary (, May 21, 1998.



What are you saying with yours? Personally. It's my position to choose my words with care, as they are all I have to represent myself here. I'm no fool, but I'll also not pretend eloquence for your comfort. My words are not expelled ad hominem to fill some perverse quota for vulgarity; but are instead my honest thoughts laid down. If you find them distasteful, so be it. I will make no apologies for myself. Now, if you'd like to post something less vague that we can actually discuss; I'd be very happy to entertain your unbridled ire.

Shags the pox-ridden

ps. not that I condemn you for the effort, but your seduction method was pretty weak sauce. Laughs were had all around Bandit Island.

-- Shaggy al Carcosa (, May 26, 1998.

sparky little fellas

me oh my! i only popped out for five minutes and look PJeverything's only gone and got all exciting and i missed it all. damn. personally, what i DO is grow plants. yes, sounds dull but have you gazed inside the velvet red interior of a tulip and dusted its golden pollen on your nose recently? picked fresh leaves from the stem with your teeth? of course, i also love crisp sandwiches and spelling PS okay, in case any other hoticulturalists are reading, I haven't either, cos they're no longer in season yes, yes

-- Wolf girl (, May 26, 1998.


I hear the Bandit Island boys have gone soft from sunshine, rum and rubbing coconut oil in their beards. Mind you, there's nothing wrong in that, now is there. Unless the vikings are coming

-- wolf girl (, May 27, 1998.


i asked you first .

-- Jay Leary (, May 28, 1998.

DISCLAIMER: the previous RESPONSE was adressed to Shaggy Al-Carcosa

i meant the : 'i asked you first' utterance to go to Mr. Shaggy Al-Carcossa .

-- Jay Leary (, May 28, 1998.

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