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Hello John . . . I am willing to bet that you (and Kevin Radford) are the only ones to visit here . . . and now me . . . I wonder why we cannot get our members interested in this new age technology. . .


-- Anonymous, November 30, 1997


Lonely Room

It is slow in the members section isn't it. What we need is some good gossip! Karl Riddar has been taking a lot of pictures on board. He mentioned we ought to have a photo album of our members. What do you think?

If the guys want it i am up for puting it up. This would of course be in the Members Only section. Some of the pictures he has are pretty good.


-- Anonymous, December 02, 1997

Lonely in cyberspace

I was here Jim-- I just wasn't interested in the discount at the Seafood joint

-- Anonymous, December 06, 1997

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