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I have an Avatar for sale. He is primed(white) and assembled (except for his hair :). He is about 3 - 4% painted. Just some red on the legs and the hair is green. I need: 3 WraithGuard 1 Guardian on Jetbike 2 Vypers (I am not asking for all of this stuff for a single avatar! Just tell me what you are willing to trade, or what u can pay for it, thanks!)

-- Jon Dossey (Forlorn@hha.net), November 26, 1997


How much is he you morone

-- j.d.l (marc@mcmail.com), January 11, 1998.

I can't get you a gardian on a Jetbike, but I've made 3 conversions that have Haliquins on jet bikes.

-- if you interested call (sellers@hunterlink.net,au (ask for luke)), February 19, 1998.

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