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A dark howling burst the barriers of Old England

- the Sun the new-born Fire the arch-Hermaphrodite

O sunflower citizen of London

......... all people's and nations of mystery run in blood - the firey limbs the flaming hair unfold like a sun or like a moon

The church is cold but we are confined to the garden of love Which the world will have if it wants it or not-

dear Citizen.

-------------------------------------------------- Healthy and Pleasant and Warm

kisses hath human form unfolding like a sun or like a moon swiftly in her bosom beneath the moony shade strangely with her lips

the New Born Fire


O citizen of London enlarge thy countenance kiss the sun yea kiss beggars

the sinking sun in the western sea the new born dogs are flesh of your flesh

with trembling hand she held the new born fire before the starry clefts of rocks

O citizen of london find the sweet golden clime night and day grow old in the company of devils give them drink hugging imbracing kissing

that sweet golden clime where the raven strangely flattereth a land of light and soul-lust

citizen of london.

-- sean bonney (el0p71e9), November 21, 1997


Shove off, Blake!

God Damned Ninny! I ought to gouge out your eyes! Everybody hates you and rumor has it Osman fucked your mother! I'm hiring a Mayombero to put snakes in your belly, chum. Hope you like it!!! Shaggy.

-- Shaggy al-Carcosa (, February 19, 1998.

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