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It is vital that i recieve this info ASAP if anyone can help me! I am looking for the population of San Francisco anytime around 1700. I am doing a report and I have very limited resources. Thank you very much. If the answer can be posted to my e-mail by tonight midnight CA time (it is now 7:30 pm CA time) thank you for your help. Erin

-- Erin E. Tripp (, November 20, 1997


This is a difficult question because we must rely on estimates of native American populations. Spanish settlement of San Francisco did not happen until 1776 when the Mission Dolores and the Presidio were established.

And there is dispute about how many Ohlone there were. Estimates vary because of disagreements over the effect of new disease on indigenous peoples. Though there was little direct contact with Europeans, diseases still spread up from Mexico.

For more specific information about native American populations, check the works of Frederick Cook and Alfred Kroeber.

-- Joel GAzis-SAx (, November 29, 1997.

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