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How can I use my biomorphs To kill an Eldar army, on 2000 points I have a army on 1000 points.

-- Lars Inge Sundeng (, November 20, 1997


o.k youre gonna have to email me to get the works but here's a couple of pointers, I play the Eldar all the time (my favourite food) and rarely lose infact my biggest victory was 36 vp to 0 so you could say i have some experience fighting the pointy headed fleshthings. As i don't know what is in your army i cant really help you out but i'll do my best to give you some ideas. Take a hive tryant with psychic scream and then infiltrate a lictor with aura of torment next to his farseer/ warlock with a - 2 ld the psykers in trouble especially if you can spare more than one lictor e.g 3 of the critters = -6 to the farseers ld bye bye farseer!! for carnifexes take toughened exoskeleton (an impressive toughness 9) and a voltage field (+ 1 strength and a 4 + save oh yes!!) another good one for a carnifex is toughened exoskeleton (toughness nine) ansd believe it or not acid blood!! when the carnifex is wounded in close combat it spews out s9 hits!! cuz of its toughness. O.k kharn the betrayer is going to hack a carnifex into a bloody pulp but he's gonna kill himself in the process. one last one is hardened carapace on tyranid warriors "what are you doing?" i here you cry...well then cast catalyst on them you have frenzied tyranid warroirs with a 2+ save on 2D6 cool or what? if you want more plus tactics e-mail me.

-- allen ward (, January 06, 1998.

I don't know much about tyranids but you might try;


A friend of mine charged a guardian squad with 20 genestealers. They were massacered, and by the time they reached the squad a load of howling banshees were there.

Take out the tanks first, then do hit-and run attacks.

-- Asurmen (, September 01, 1998.

Hmm biomorphs to kill a who army.....

Ever tried using tactics or skill?

-- why? (, September 04, 1998.

Against Eldar you need null zones or warp fields to have a chance of surviving the pskers and warp based attacks. The only thing that will bother the jet bikes is a biovore or your hive tyrant with the venom cannon.

-- David Pell (, September 21, 1998.

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