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How can I use my biomorphs To kill an Eldar army, on 2000 points I have a army on 1000 points.

-- Lars Inge Sundeng (, November 20, 1997


are you crasy ?

-- grifo (, November 20, 1997.

Well, first put the crack pipe down son ... Listen: tell the guy you are playing to play the SAME amount of points you are, thus making it a FAIR game, you with me so far? Then, shoot the biomorph at stuff, and hope it hits something, or moves into something :)


-- Jon The Fat Guy :) (, November 26, 1997.

listen buddy, number one, eldar are the cheepest race in the galaxy they have 2 instant kill troops, wraith guard and warp spiders. i know because i play them in tournamens. number two, it is impossible to have a "good" 1000 point tyranid army... that is if you want your hive tyrant to live very long. number three, the tyranid event table does not take enough affect in 1000 point games (if you are playing the equal points value as your opponent). number four, he is playing 1000 points more than you, he is going to win no matter what you do. and five, give your hive tyrant 2 bone swords, venom cannon, psycic scream, voltage field, sharpened claws, and a null zone for a nasty genral.

-- scott pearse (, January 02, 1998.

Being an X Tyranid player I know that If you have an army with a H.Tyrant Carnifex 10 termigants, and however many genestealers you can get your hands on. You can not die. Unless you fight my unbeaten chaos army.

-- luke (,au), February 19, 1998.


-- PATRICK COYLE JR. (, April 19, 1998.

the only way is to CHEAT

-- alex wip (, September 16, 1998.

Respnse to the guy that wanted to kill armies with biomorphs

I think that you are foolish to think that killing an entire army with just biomorphs. you need more meat in an army besides some cheezy upgrade. This is especially true if you are fighting someone with i dunno say.....long range weapons. Space marine terminators will tear a tyranid army down. Those Storm Bolters are a force to be reckoned with. Especially with 4 shots a turn. and the assault cannon will just eat you alive, unless it is against a hive tyrant or Carnafex. since the marine weapons are to strong for the weaker tyranid units you are pretty much screwing yourself over. I think that if you really want to stand a chance then you should do a blitz. that should get you into H to H, where tyranids excel, other wise you are dead.

-- Chester J. Q-Cumber (, March 17, 1999.

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one single thing can't do jack, youre just talking bull shit

any way do u collect any deseant army,

if not go fuck your self up the ass with a vibratin dildo, u sheep shagger

-- mr death (, October 22, 1999.

Ok, you have to have an HQ and some Broods, those are simply personal preference. (I like stuff with defensive biomorphs like voltage field, regen, or whatever) Then give those guys the nasty long range Tyranid weapons (Barbed Stranglers, Venom Cannon, Devourer) Now for the meaty Part. Take A Carniflex with two defensive biomorphs : Null Zone and Voltage Field, and walk him towards your enemy with as many hormagaunts as you can get in tow behind him. Hormagaunts are WAY cheaper than genestealers and every bit as evective when they have a big armoured shield to walk up to H2H range with. Then when you get in charge range, have the Horms dog-pile onto the enemy, with like two or three per enemy (remember you can get 3 horms for less than the cost of a stealer, and after the second and third bonus you get for being second/third/fourth/etc enemy in H2H, they are just as deadly. Finally send one hormagaunt and the 'flex at any important targets, turning it into chunky salsa. Tyranid 'Dorito' Motto: Crunch all you want, we'll make more.

-- im not giving you my name (, July 25, 2001.

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