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Do you have a picture of a vindicare assassin? If not could you please describe him. is he the one that is kind of kneeling down. Please send response

-- Patrucius Alluem (, November 17, 1997


The vindicare has 2 poses, 1 he's standing on a skull in a firing position, the other he's holding a pistol and the long rifle his face looks like one of the return of the jedi speeder bike riders helmets. the 1 I think that is sort of Kneeling is the eversor and hes got a skull face mask.

-- W Christensen (, January 04, 1998.

There is a picture of a vindicare assasin in issue 216 of white dwarf in two poses, or 217, you could of quite easily of asked a gw staff.

-- James Langley (, January 11, 1998.

Actually, there is a new Codex Assassins, even smaller than the Sisters of Battle. It includes the three previous assassins and a new kind, supposedly the deadliest of all of them. 4 or 5 pictures of each, not including the pictures of the models.

-- Jon W. Kroeger (, January 11, 1998.

i do not have a picture but i do have info but your not getting it haha

-- sod off (gp allen@yahoo. com), June 07, 1998.

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