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Absolutely anyone out there that is interested in CHAOS tactics, units, painting etc., email me and we can converse on matters such.


-- Sivrak Deleon (, November 17, 1997


no, but i know someone who would, but he hasnt go an internet, but he can write through me, please write back, because he like you is a loner in the world of chaos as is everyone because youre the only ones

-- james langley (, January 11, 1998.

Actually, marc, everyone and their mother plays Chaos. Even people who play other armies(like Blood Angels and Genestealer Cult, in my case) has a backup Chaos army(Tzeentch, in my case). Over 75% of the 40k players I've met have played Chaos.

-- Jon W. Kroeger (, January 11, 1998.

Yeah the dudes right, I swore Id never play Chaos ever.Even 5 months after the codex came out, I resisted, watching everybody heed the call and start a Chaos army. I was happy with my Space marines-Dark Angels,Blood Angels,Tyranids,Even Eldar, but now even I have a Chaos army its about 3300 points I want to push it to 4000 points and that will be enough....See they get to every one. One consolation though,I dont mind losing as much with Chaos.

Anyway if anyone wants to talk (type?) about any army mail me.

-- W Christensen (, February 15, 1998.

Yeh I could sure use some usefull tactics. None needed for Space Marines, Imp Agents or Tyranids, just something to wipe the floor with Eldar!!!

-- Luke Sellers (,au), February 19, 1998.

Amazing, this site is being taken over by Chaos. Just remember Da Ladz never lose!!!!! Filthy Chaos scum.

-- Jon (, February 25, 1998.

Who needs tactics for chaos - they are very tough.

For terminators, take them in groups of three with 2 heavy weapons each. Very cheap compared to normal marines.

Take chaos marine scout squads - infiltration, power armour and heavy weapons.

Put a Tzeentch Psyker on a disk, give him a power field and two deadly swords. Then try and get quickening as a psychic power and watch him zoom around the table killing everything in hand to hand combat.

Put noise marines in a rhino and watch them blow out the eardrums of enemy psykers.

Overall those guys at Games Workshop have overbalanced chaos compared to the other codexes. How surprising.........its sickening.

-- R. Issel (, March 06, 1998.

What are you lot on about?! Chaos rocks! I've tried every army there is in W40K and i have to say that Chaos kicks arse! How many other armies have their original troops still with them after ten-thousand years?! By the way, if your trying to contact me, be patient, my access is restricted to college times only!

-- Andy Morton (, June 04, 1998.

Yah most people play chaos but hey, im the only one i know who plas chaos cult!

-- why? (, September 04, 1998.

BFTBG Khorne is so good with the new rules its not funny. bezerkers as troopps? nice. juggernaut +2 str +2 attacks also swet. and the command squad can have terminator armour. I used to play a death company army but then i figure if u r gonna kill and drink blood atleast be doin for a reason. the new raptors are also very sweet especially with better jumppacks than the imperium muhahaha BFTBG!!

-- Phil Shannon (, May 05, 1999.

well any one that dislikes chaos should fight against them and fall under the wraith of them

-- mr death (, October 22, 1999.

Chaos suck. And they smell really bad, in fact a lot like chesse. I should know my friend collects chaos and he also smells

-- Professor Twelve (, October 27, 1999.

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