What would be the ultimate work of art at Burning Man

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This was my sixth year at Burning Man, every year I have created larger and larger works of art. In '97 with the help of a lot of people we created two 10' tall - 300' long paintings. If you saw them what did you think of them? Next year we hope to create a larger gallery of art, Building a midsized house and creating a field of giant home furnishings. Giant Chairs, huge lamps, tables, phone books, old sox and stuff... Anyone who would like to join The Illumination Village can. What other types of art are being planned and what would be the ultimate work of art to you?

-- Charlie A. Gadeken (Charlie@burningart.com), November 13, 1997


i dunno, i4d like to do all kinda things. but the only thing posessing me is to buy a setup-town from some old western movie. build it up next to the burningman-camp and on the final evening, napalmbomb the whole fucker sky high with all of its dollinhabitants.

-- ville laakso (shotgunlove@hotmail.com), September 14, 1998.

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