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Who do I contact to check on an obituary and follow-up articles from 1919? The SF Chronicle states it does not supply this type of inquiry.

-- Sabina Freeman (, November 13, 1997


Response to obituary/newspaper article

Here are some good sources to check out:

  • San Francisco County Genealogy By Pamela Storm Wolfskill, coordinator for the San Francisco County pages of the CAGenWeb Project.
  • Notes on San Francisco Genealogy At Tales from Colma - birth, death records. The problem of the 1906 Earthquake. And Where the Dead Went when they moved the cemeteries to Colma

    The San Francisco public library has microfiche of old newspapers.

    -- richard (, November 13, 1997.

  • The library at SONOMA STATE UNIV.,in Rohnert Park has micro-fiche index and micro-films to the ALTA CALIF. and the SF CHRONICLE. Also, the main SF Public library has a wide selection of papers on film; most with indexes.

    -- Julie Collins (, March 11, 1998.

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