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I play with tyranids, and have question. How can I kill my friend4s 4 blood angels dreadnought4s???

-- Lars Inge Sundeng (lis@lambertseter.vgs.no), November 13, 1997


Well, assuming he can have that many(check the points you're playing, because dreadnaughts are support) you should be able to match each one with a carnifex. Give each one Sharpened Claws and a defensive biomorph like Voltage field, Warp field, Hardened Carapace, or toughened exoskeleton. A carnifex by itself is enough to kill a dreadnought. It matches the dreadnought in WS and S, but the carnifex has 1 more Attack die, and with 10 wounds, can suffer more damage.

-- Jon W. Kroeger (bludreddk@hotmail.com), November 13, 1997.

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