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I play with tyranids, and have question. How can I kill my friend4s 4 blood angels dreadnought4s???

-- Lars Inge Sundeng (lis@lambertseter.vgs.no), November 13, 1997


The above two answers are very good and pretty much cover it. My answer: have a lictor jump it, and then SWARM the genestealers in. Give the lictor sharpened claws or an unmodified save of some sort.

-- Jon W. Kroeger (bludreddk@aol.com), December 16, 1997.

1) Convienently place a termagant within 3 in. of the dreadnout and fire a barbed stragler into the termagant and morethan likely the dreadnount will be no moore. 2)Have you ever seen the genestealer profile??? 3)Zoanthropes are very good at turning dreadnouts into something resembling regurgutated venezuelan beaver cheese 4)You know that tyranids can have venom cannons wright??

-- john (one4us@bellsouth.net), November 16, 1997.

Kill them with termagants Strangleweb

-- Tyranid warrior (Tyranids@lambertseter.vgs.no), November 20, 1997.

i also play space marines on top of tyranids. if there is one thing i hate is a nasty lictor with wickid sharp claws terrorizing my dreadnaughts. In my tyranid army i have 4 lictors with sharpened claws, but you should play more to make shure they kill the dreadnaughts on your first turn because the dreadnaught can leave combat with no penaltys and toast your lictor in no time.

-- wiggham (scottgp@ibm.net), January 02, 1998.

Forget those lame answers! Just take a couple of barbed stranglers on a couple of characters or warriors, they'll immobilize it and according to the rules; immobilized is as good as dead when the game is over (oh yeah, he cant fire either when immobilized) :)

-- Michael Krog (fyrefli1@ix.netcom.com), January 25, 1998.

from above, a Dreadnought CAN NOT move out of HTH with Monstrous-sized creatures, only Man-sized or smaller.

Lictors work well, yes. DO NOT underestimate the Biovore and Spore Mines!

A spore mine has an average of 17 for penetration, so you don't have to roll too well to get the legs or rear body. Then the continuing damage can really wipe him out!

I had a Spore land on a Dread, penetrate the legs, rolled a '5', Fall Down, go BOOM!

-- Jason Gustaves (alhafl@ida.net), August 19, 1998.

If you can get your Hive Tyrant with venom cannon into hth it is all over for the Dread. The AP in hth of that weapon is unbelivable. You CAN use it against targets with an armour value because it is not a move or fire weapon.

-- David Pell (dapell@earthlink.net), September 21, 1998.

I think you should kick his ass for having such a beardy army

-- (stip-e@juno.com), September 21, 1998.

to above: 4 lictors is a waste of $ and pts. they die too easily for 100 pts to kill the dreadnought i suggest having your army behind two carnifexes with warp field+voltage field and about 8-12 hormagaunts behind them with your 'stealers behind them and spread your warriors/tyrant out to spread the hive mind(so the hormies wont run) and have everything run. Charge a carnifex into hand to hand with the dreadnought and it'll die damned fast even if it doesn't, a carnifex with warp and voltage field is damn near impossible to kill (this works well for killing tanks too) if ya didn't know hth armor penetration goes like this- everyone has a base of d6+strength.there are bonuses for higher strength. strength: 1-3-+0 4-5-+d6 6-7-+d12 8+-+d20 and there is a d6 bonus for attacking nonmoving vehicles so a carnifex with voltage field(+1 hth strength) attacking a dreadnought would look like this str.8+d20+d6 and carnifexes have 4 attacks too!

-- tyranid masta (biteme9195@aol.com), October 02, 1998.

Well you can't give a Carni two fields...

Send in a lictor or two and tie up the mothers while a Zoanthrope pelts one. Use Genestealers on them too... with a lictor in CC they can't run away so the stealers can vandalize the bastards...

-- Commander Attack (cmdr_attack@hotmail.com), October 30, 1998.

This one's beardy but what the hell.. Given the lack of punctuation in the adrenalin sac biomorph text, it could be argued that a Carniflex with adrenalin Sac could run in the movement phase and run and fire bioplasma in the shooting phase. Ive never used this for real but you can make your opponent kak his pants by trying it.

-- Adam Beaney (Dr.Evil@Virgin.net), November 15, 1998.

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