Konica FT-1 and lenses for sale

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Konica FT-1 9 w. case 50mm f1.8 hexanon 8+ w. warranty card (orig) 28-105 macro Kalimar 10- w. box, and all lit. 80-210 macro CPC 8+ 2x star d 9 w. case 0.42x panoramic 10- w. case, all lit, adaptors, everything Lense is made by SAKAR. Titanium shell keeps the weight down. Macro lense as part, 2 in 1. Universal screw mount. Adaptors included for photo and video. Great for increasing depth of feild on long focus lenses. Little distortion... great for landscapes.

I would like to sell all of this. If you're interested in all or part, please make an offer.

I am expecting at least 200 for the camera w. 50mm. It is less than the present market value for the camera in this good condition.

The rest is up to you.

Thanks. David

-- Anonymous, November 04, 1997

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