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I have a Wisner 5x7 Conv. Classic that I just acquired. I would like your advice on what a reasonable WA lens for this camera would be.

Not having dabbled in this arena seriously before, I am wondering whether a 180mm is too close to the normal lens to be effectively "different". In your opinion, should I really opt for a 150mm and a bag bellows?

In your opinion, does an image circle of 262mm provide enough flexibility for most situations or is there a practical need to get more coverage? I probably will not be doing demanding architectural shooting, but am likely to do some still life shooting as well as more straightforward stuff. Obviously, there is a good deal of $$ difference between a 150mm Sironar-W and a 180mm Sironar-N. The former I would need to buy new I suspect, the latter I can get from someplace like Midwest used. If you have a lens you would suggest in place of these please do so.

-- Greg Finn (finn@ISI.EDU), October 31, 1997


re: wide angle for 5x7

If your normal lens is a 210, then i would think that 180 is too close. if it is a 240 then 180 would be reasonably different. however i find that a 180 does not give a very pronounced "wide-angle effect". personally i like to have a 120 as a wide-angle, and i would recommend the 150 over a 180 if you want a moderate wide-angle, and otherwise a 120 (preferably the nikkor). i think 262mm is enough for most situations.

-- Quang-Tuan Luong (luong@ai.sri.com), October 31, 1997.

I would agree with the above. I also have the 120 Nikkor and it is very good on a 5x7. I have a 150 also & use both as they are just different enough to help in solving the field of view problems in industrial shooting in tight areas. If you need extremely wide angles, go whole hog and get the 72 Schneider Super Angulon XL. For what you refer to as 'more straightforeward stuff' I wouldn't go wider than the 120, but for versatility I would go with the mentioned 120 before the 150. The Nikkor 120 will cover 8x10, giving you more movement possibilities than you will probably ever need.

-- Dan Smith (shooter@brigham.net), December 03, 1997.

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