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I am just getting started with Warhammer 40k and am being the imperials. What kind of squad should I start with (Cadian shock troopers, Storm Troopers...) Keep in mind I have a limited budget and can only purchase one.

Please send replies via e-mail.

-- Brendon Robinson (, October 30, 1997


Don't buy the storm troopers, they are too advanced. Pick one of the basic squads or vehicles that you like the look of, and want to paint, that is the important thing at first.

-- Mark Spinks (MARKSPINKS@AOL.Com), October 31, 1997.

I started with storm troopers, that might have been a mistake but it works out in the end. The most powerful squad in the imperal guard has to be the heavy weapons squad you cannt go wrong with that. Dont forget about the command squads, the barrage you get is awesome.

-- Russ Ventro (, December 01, 1997.

Thats an easy one, CATACHAN JUNGLE FIGHTERS , there cheap in points and can kill those nasty Eldar.

-- jame langley (, January 11, 1998.

Definately don't start with Storm Troopers, they can only be included as additional units in the army structure and in the low point value battles you play in the beginning, storm troopers are a little expensive (pointwise). In regards to the type of units you buy first remember that some regimental types dont have certain heavy weapons. Valhallans don't have a missile launcher for example. So decide what heavy weapons you like most and pick a regimental type that has those.

-- Bryan (, July 09, 1998.

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