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Hello, I have a story that Scotty would go to Ogden each year to catch a train there with some of his friends. While waiting for the train, they would go into a hat shop and try on many hats, then take them outside and stomp on them. They would then go inside and pay for their fun and be on their way. I have heard that this was a tradition with them for some years. Do you have any information on this story?

Monty Ives

-- Monty Ives (, October 27, 1997




It sounds like something he would have done. He really knew how to get the attention of the press. What a pity we don't have a photo.

C.C. Julian was another marketing genius whose antics were not so innocent as Scotty's. He sold mining stock in a salted lead mine in Titus Canyon with an LA radio program and auto tours. Death Valley has certainly attracted its share of colorful characters over the years.

Ed Scott

-- Ed Scott (, October 28, 1997.

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