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How would you rate the Autoreflex TC? Did it come before or after the T3, FP-1 etc.? How about TCX? Can the T3, FP-1 etc. be operated without the batteries? Thanks

-- Anonymous, October 26, 1997


Gaurav: TC is good no-frills SLR with most essential Konica features. The T-3 preceeded the TC; the FP-1 and TC-X followed it. T-3 can operate without batteries (with no exposure meter of course); the FP-1 is dead in the water without batteries. I liked the TC for the brief periods I have tested it. Nice and compact, good bright focusing screen. The lack of slower shutter speeds limits its versatility, though, and of course it has no depth of field preview. Batteries remain a problem with these older Konicas, so you need to keep that in mind.

Good luck.

-- Anonymous, October 29, 1997

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