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I'm looking for a Konica FS-1, new or used, but it must be in excellent working condition.

My FS-1 motor died, and I need another because my FT-1 won't fit in the underwater housing I had made for my FS-1.

Thanks in advance for any leads anyone might be able to offer.

Mark Johnson mjohnson@cts.com

-- Anonymous, October 26, 1997


Marc: Suggest you call Greg Weber at 402-721-3873. He buys, sells, repairs and collects Konica cameras and can likely help you. Does great work and usually has many older items for sale. I may be able to help you if he can't, through another friend, so let me know.

-- Anonymous, October 29, 1997


Since your message is over a year old I am sure by now you have done something?

Last weekend in 1998, I was in B&H in NYC and asked the used equipment people on the upstairs level if they had a FS-1. They did and were asking ~$250 fot it.


-- Anonymous, February 01, 1999

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