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what's shakking??? nuthin much'ere...n-e-wayz, shit its been a way fucking long time i havent come here!! and nuthing's changed...darn!! ah well, lets talk about green day, k?! okie, did everyone get nimrod?? i hope so, sheesh!! if u didnt, well what the fuck r ya waiting for??? dickhead...heheh so what's ya'll fav songs on nimrod??? ..hmmm mine r really hard to choose, they're ALL sooo gewd!! but if i have to choose one..platypus, grouch, uptight, haushinka!! (well thats not just one...but i just cant choose ONLY one, its too hard!!) :) hey guess what??? GREEN DAY R COMING TO MONTREAL!!!!!!!!!! and im going!!!! this iz gonna rule big time! im sooo anxius fer the 18th of november! (thats when they're coming..) yep yep yep its gonna rock!! :) n-e-hoo, ive alwayz wanted to know what do ya'll listen too, excepte fer green day???? just wondering....well i gotta jet!!



-- Anonymous, October 23, 1997

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