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How can I protect my Imperial guard heavy weapons from edar scouts? Also do you know anything about the imperial guard landspeeder and when it is coming out, as I have heard rumours about it coming out soon.

-- William McGettigan (, October 16, 1997


To protect your Imp.Guard hvy weapons, try deploying them in cover or transport them Chimeras. Try getting hold of the Codex Imperial Guards for further rules. To what I know the Imperial Guards won't be using Land Speeders anymore as it would off balance the Space Marines'. Try and get the Codex Angels of Death as it has rules for the Dark Angel Ravenwing Land Speeder. Good luck then.

-- EuroCorp (, October 23, 1997.

One of the ways I have found to protect my heavy wepons squads is to deploy them dispersed, this splits them into 3 heavy weapons teams, on setup I place them spread out with other heavy weapons teams that are also dispersed. In this way they can support each other and are harder to destroy.

-- Russ Ventro (, December 01, 1997.

I havent heard of an imperial guard landspeeder coming out. I doubt if they will, but you could easily convert one from the boxed kits. Using the datafax its the same stats for ram, movement etc,but the weapons are different.For 90 points you get a multilaser(driver)and a heavy plasma(gunner) both with targeters. Or pay +5 points and get a missile launcher(gunner) with frag and krak. Bargain! my Ravenwing costs 195 each.

-- Wayne Christensen (, January 04, 1998.

Being an Eldar collector myself, I find that the best thing to do would be to cover the entire area that they start off in with heavy fire.

-- The happy buzza squig (, September 26, 1998.

let em die

-- glog (glog@glog .com), October 12, 1999.

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