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Can anybody tell me what AHRIMANS can do!!?

-- Beginner (info@microsoft.com), October 15, 1997


Ahriman cost 316pts. M WS BS S T W I A Ld bolt p.,frag&krak g.& the folloing 4 7 7 5 5 4 7 3 10

special-mark of tzeentch,strat.rat. of5,psy.attacks against him are nulled on4+,Lvl4 tzeentch psycer,hates space wolves, you can discard 1 strat. card and draw a replacement,only leads 100% tzeench armies,destiny of tzeentch(warp cards are always delt to your side first),Black Staff of Ahriman (Subtracts 1 from the casting cost of a spell to a minimum of 1),Bolts of tzeentch(the bolts can be used instead of the normal bolt shell it does a str. hit equivilant to the psyckers mastery lvl. armor gives no protection but the models hit are allowed any saving thows that it would get against psycic attacks.)Ahriman can have 1 other w.g. card.

-- John H. (one4us@bellsouth.net), November 16, 1997.

I agree with him.

-- Luke Sellers (sellers@hunterlink.net,au), February 19, 1998.

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