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If I buy a Blood angel landspeeder can i make the men in them Death Company Guys if so what special things do i need to change etc.etc

-- Jason (tommy@connexus.apana.org.au), October 14, 1997


I really wouldn't think so. The Death Company are crazed for blood. They barely have the self-control to fire their weapons, much less pilot a land speeder. But if you want to make house rules, go for it. A general rule of thumb is that normal space marines cost 30 points. So subtract 60 from the land speeder cost and add the cost of 2 Death Marines. And then just replace the profiles.

-- Jon W. Keoeger (bludreddk@aol.com), October 14, 1997.

Well i would agree to the answer abvoe as that the land speeders are a part of the assualt section of an army and another point is that how would a chaplain be with the squad of two. :)

-- Da Big Boss (aspletg@topaz.cqu.edu.au), October 19, 1997.

Good point. Remember that the Death Company does need to be accompanied by a chaplain. Maybe you could make one of the pilots into a chaplain. However, it doesn't sound right does it? The Death Company would try to get in to hand-to-hand combat, crashing the landspeeder all the time in order to reach the enemy. Put them on bikes-it sounds much better and places them in more of an assault role, as the background describes them.

-- Andy Morton (morton_andy@hotmail.com), June 04, 1998.

It wouldn't make a lot of sense to do so even if there were rules to do it with. The only advantage the Death company Marines would have over regular Marines in this situation would be thier immunity to psycology. Vehicle crew members are immune anyway, so you're just asking to give your crew the dissadvantage of the capacity to go berserk and crash if they lose thier Chaplain. Just paint your Landspeerder and Crew in Death Marine colors if you want it to match a more Death Marine Based army. No one is going to argue.

-- (TYRANIDD@aol.com), June 26, 1998.

What is the big thing about death company? I am a big devotee to the idea of playing within the 40k universe and not just the rules of the game. ANY marines inducted into the death company are considerd an enormous loss to the chapter ( makes sense you guys with entire companys of death company!). As these marines are 99% likley to die the chapter is hardly going to sacrifice its landspeeders,Terminator suits or other such stuff....if you read the 40k background all this stuff is at a premium...terminator suits are rare indeed....Dreadnought's are even rarer....each chapter only having a few if they are lucky!!! So i would say , stick to whats in the Codex on this one...it makes sense

-- Brother JON (foo@bar.com), August 21, 1998.

do it if you want to, but remember that the squad has to have at least 5 men, and be led by a Chaplin. So this is gonig to cost you lots of money( 3 land speeders, one chaplin, and a whole load of timeto remodel the chaplin)

-- Dave Pike (rastlinthemage@hotmail.com), September 24, 1998.

Even though it wouldn't make sende to use special rules a land speeder in death company colors would still look prety ill.

-- (stip-e@juno.com), September 25, 1998.

very true........

i hear that when the blood angels add on to the marine codex comes out ( 3rd book i hear after dark eldar...)there will be a host of stuff ..and that you will be able to have more death company stuff......... but seeing as you can have any number of marines as long as you have a sgt and at least 4 troops....yes 8 man squads! then you may find things more flexable........

-- darkchild (greyknight@netscape.net), September 25, 1998.

can play necromanda in warhammer40k ?

-- nipon srivanasont (ninku14@hotmail.com), November 04, 1998.

how much of new 40k big box set? can play chaos40k in fantasy

-- nipon srivanasont (ninku14@hotmail.com), November 04, 1998.

er............? i dont get what you are after......

-- eh? (idontunderstand@thequestion.com), November 09, 1998.

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