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I would like to buy a 135/3.5 AR lens . Is anyone use it before, is it good ? Any other lense that is good and cheap????

-- Anonymous, October 10, 1997


I don't have any experience with the 135mm Hexanon.From your e-mail address I see you live in Canada.I recently bought an Autoreflex with a Vivitar 2.8/135 for C$30.Both were in exc.condition and I am very happy with the Vivitar,although I would have preferred a Hexanon or Hexar to keep it in the Konica family.

-- Anonymous, October 10, 1997

James: The 135/3.5 is a good lens and can usually be had in excellent condition for $50 or less. I have had both the 3.5 and the 3.2 and I prefer the 3.2. It has one more element than the 3.5

-- Anonymous, October 13, 1997

James: I have long used the Hexanon 135/3.2 and it is a great lens. Close focus is also about 39 inches, so this is an advantage over most 135s which generally focus to about 5 feet. It is very sharp and contrasty. I found the earlier 135/3.5 Hexanon (pre 135/3.2 ) a little light on contrast. Haven't used the later models which succeeded the 135/3.2 . They would have an AE designator on the aperature control and would not have half stops between F settings. Best Wishes.

-- Anonymous, October 29, 1997

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