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Does anyone have any information on the Konica FP-1? My wife is looking for a P&S camera, and I thought the FP-1 made sense, since I heard it can use other Konica lenses. Also, what might this camera sell for, assuming its' in good condition?

Thanks in advance, Keith Wagner

-- Anonymous, October 10, 1997


I have an FP-1 but am not selling at this time. Just looking for info on it. I bought it eons ago and am not a photog buff so don't even know how to operate it anymore.

I'm looking for a flash attachment and lenses or adaptors to use other lenses on this camera. The lens I have now has a little scratch on it.

-- Anonymous, October 18, 1997

Keith: The FP-1 pretty much is a point and shoot. As I recall, there is an ON/OFF switch and if you have a green light in the viewfinder, it's a go. Otherwise, a flash is in order. No controls whatsoever. Perfect for someone who never wants to learn anything, but no options if you change your mind! Have seen them go for $100 to $135 or so in good condition. Winder is available too, as are Konica flashes. No flexibility of any kind except lense interchangability. Really think most Konicas are so easy to use that they can nearly be used as a P&S, but retain the flexibility of complete photographic control for those who wish to go further. Good luck.

-- Anonymous, October 29, 1997

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