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Is anyone try out the pencake 40/1.8 and 24/2.8 because I have some pics from them but I feel it is "a bit soft"

-- Anonymous, October 09, 1997



James: I have both of those lenses and they are both very sharp. Sounds like you might have some lens mount problems. Modern Camera tested the 40mm f/1.8 and declared it to be, "one of the sharpest lenses we have tested, regardless of price."

-- Anonymous, October 09, 1997


A few years back, I spent a great deal of time doing lens tests with a camera club group. The 40mm 1.8 examples tested were very sharp but perhaps a bit lacking in contrast (compared to other Konica lenses). The only 24 2.8 I recall was my own and it was exceedingly sharp and snappy. I remember a friend's Canon 24mm not faring so well in comparison. One slight disappointment was upon testing my 28 1.8 that I had shopped long and hard to find. I had unrealistic expectations from things I had read and heard and found that my particular example wasn't very extraordinary at all. It was a good, solid performer but didn't stand out among other 28's. The Konicas were generally consistently good and only my 200mm 4.0 was what I would call "soft" (mainly at the edges). Both 3.5 variants of 200's were very good performers and sharper than any of the other brands we tested of this focal length. I'll do some digging and see if I can find some of the old data and put it in a format that could transfer over the net if anyone would like to see the results.

By the way, a 35 2.0 and 55 Macro Hexanon were the sharpest lenses we tested overall. This was quite well controlled and included about 35 different people's lens collections (I think it was about 200 optics in all).

-- Anonymous, March 28, 2001

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