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I have received word from reputable sources that the battery made by Wein to replace the 1.35V that is no longer produced by anybody else, will not fit in the T3, and may affect the other Autoreflex models. As I note in the FAQ, you can still get away with setting your ISO speed to fool the camera.

-- Anonymous, October 03, 1997


Has anyone tried the Energizer crossover for the PX675? They say "it's a direct replacement" and so should fit most if not all Autoreflex "A" and "T" series cameras. The fact that this is not a mercury battery would mean that you could see some voltage drop as the battery ages. This is not the case with a mercury cell. When it's dead, it's dead. Fortunately, I still have enough mercury cells to keep me going for the not too distant future, but time is running out. Any comments?

-- Anonymous, October 11, 1997

I believe that 1.35V mercury cells are still being produced, they are however, illegal to sell in most of the US. I regularly attend used equipment shows in NY and NJ where I've recently purchased 1.35V mercury cells. When asked how they can sell them, a vendor responded that "it was legal to sell off old stock". A legal source is Greg Weber (a Konica repair/used parts specialist) in Nebraska.

By the way, alkalines don't supply constant voltage as the battery is used up. They'll work fine for color print film (great exposure latitude), but will give poorer results with slide or B&W film.

-- Anonymous, December 08, 1997

Reply to above

Don't fear. Use Duracell 675 hearing aid batteries. Same voltage (1.35), close to the same current. They are zinc-air (just like Wein) and they are about a buck apiece. They last over six months. Best of all, you can take them out and reseal them.

BTW: you should only buy 2 Wein cells once in your life. Take the washers off and you can make your own 625 cells by adding the washers to the Duracells above. Voila!

BTW2: I have used this technique in both my TC and T1. It works, even for low-speed slide film.

-- Anonymous, March 25, 1998

Duracell 675 hearing aid batteries

Dante: I don't understand the need for the 'washers' that the Wein cells have? Would your suggestion (using Duracell 675 hearing aid batteries work for a Autoreflex T-3 without the 'washers'?

-- Anonymous, March 30, 1998

675 batts

For cameras taking 675, just use the hearing aid batteries straight. FOr those with 625s, you can replace the Wein battery (when dead -- keep the washer) with a 675 (verify size) hearing aid battery. You need the washer to simulate the 625 flange.

-- Anonymous, March 31, 1998

The mercury batteries for T...

I live in Canada and while 98% of all the mercury batteries have been taken off the market here, it is still relativelly easy to get the old mercury button cell form most of the major camera shops. I Even found a place to get my old hand held meter battery (mercury battery E164), it's called Alexander batteries (or in french Batteries Alexander - they have a Web site) and maybee you can order them from the US. I work in the biomedical field and many old medical equipement run on these old things so some companies still manufacture them (our supplier is Alexander).

Good luck !

By the way the zinc/air cells work nice but don't last nearly as long.

-- Anonymous, August 25, 1998

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