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Dude you are the man. I love that guy's tongue hanging out.

-- W (teglin), September 11, 1997


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It is actually quite easy to visit the sukuma museum. A flight to Arusha (Tanzania) or Nairobi (Kenya) is the first step. Step two is a safari through the Serengeti (A must for any human being) to the beautiful and dusty lakeside town of Mwanza. The final step is a short bus ride to KISESA, a suburb of Mwanza. The museum is around 20 minutes on foot up the hill in KISESA . You will definitely admire the work a the late father Clement (A french Canadian priest) in collecting all facets of the culture and history of the strong, Proud and yet easy going Sukuma people.

-- Chris Dashina Kilala (, November 13, 1997.

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