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hello all!!

hey shaun....u got the same name az my bother!! hehe, he's name iz Shaun too! isn't that kewl! (yeah rite!) n-e-wayz, not much conversation going on in here, huh?! well we gotta make some!! ok, so who's gonna start?? hmmm, ok i'll start!! :) so what's everyone's fav song and shit?? who's yer fav member of G.D.?? whad do ya think of the song Hitchin' a ride?? (if u heard it??) well i gotta jet!

C-yA'lL l8Terz!!


-- Anonymous, August 30, 1997


its shaun!!

I love billie joe (I am not gay!!) hehehe, my favorite song is ONLY OFYOU!!!! and Hitchin a ride KICKS ASS!!! see ya later!!!!

-- Anonymous, August 30, 1997

39/SmOoTh, KeRpLuNk, DoOkIe, iNsoMnIaC...NIMROD!! :)

hey there shaun!!! (u sure yer not my brother??! hehehehe)

how'z it going?? i'm not too bad...n-wayz, yeah billie joe rulz!!! (and i'm NOT in love with him like almost all girlz..) HEY!! u like only of u?!?!? wayy kewl! me too!!!! and of course with Brat!! hehe, and yep yep yep hitchin' a ride RULZ!!!!! i'm off the wagon and i'm hitchin' a ride..:) so what's yer fav album??? do u have alote of stuff on'em?? and uhhh..what other bands do ya like??

well i'm all out so i'll be going now!!



-- Anonymous, August 31, 1997

what's up?

I like insomniac the most!!!! Yes I have like 43 CDs of green day. I like lots of other punk bands, check out my page!!!

See ya!

-- Anonymous, September 01, 1997

i'm a snot nose slo without a jod and i know i damn well should!!! :)

what's shaking shaun?!?!?! (boy i feel like i'm talking to my brother here! hehe just kidding!)

yep yep yep insomniac rox!! but 39/smooth iz definitly da best!! but i really can't choose between insomniac and 39/smooth..ah well!!! heheh kewl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u have 43 cds of GREEN DAY!! AWESOME!! i feel small, i only got like 25 cd' yeah i looooove alote of other punk bands too!!! like Pennywise, Vandals, Screeching Weasel, Op.Ivy, Mr.T.Experience, Lagwagon, Descendents, Offspring and shit like that!! :) hey i'll go check out yer page rite after this!!! i bet it rulz!!! =)



-- Anonymous, September 03, 1997


which CDs do ya have???? I will name mine later after you!

-- Anonymous, September 14, 1997

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